Bringing the Dead Sea to Life through Art & Music

John Foker Lapwings Gathering.jpg

Artists For Nature Foundation Bringing the Dead Sea to Life through Art and Music

Between March 15 & 27 2017 John Foker will be taking part in an eleven day long festival in an effort to raise global awareness to the plight of the Dead Sea, a unique geographic formation located at the lowest point on earth. 

The project comprises 15 painters, two photographers and four musicians who will work alongside Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli artists. The festival will culminate in an exhibition of the artists' work that will form the basis of a travelling exhibition and an art book of the project.

The project organisations - The Hoopoe Foundation, The Artists for Nature Foundation, The Amman Center for Peace & Development (ACPD, Jordan), Society for Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) together with the Dead Sea Research Institute - are hoping to create a healthier environment benefiting the entire biological and cultural diversity of the region.